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Ten ways to make your new Shower Enclosure's beauty, last forever!

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#1 Rinse all parts of enclosure after using

#2 Use a high quality (rubber not vinyl, sweep) Squeegee after every use

#3 Occasionally wipe the enclosure glass with a mild detergent diluted in water

#4 Keep shower doors ajar and enclosures open so that air can circulate to reduce mildew growth

#5 On Glass surfaces Do Not use bristle brushes, abrasive sponges, scouring powder or sharp instruments

#6 On Metal surfaces Do Not use abrasive cleaners or cleaners containing ammonia, bleach, acids, waxes, alcohol or solvents.

#7 Do Not let cleaners sit or soak on surfaces

#8 Bar soap has a bonding agent which sticks to glass, use body wash

#9 In hard water areas wipe the glass dry after each use, as you would towel your hands  with a soft cloth

#10 Rinse and wipe enclosures after cleaning to prevent soap buildup

Some products to consider 

  • Green works All-purpose cleaner

  • Green works glass cleaner

  • Windex original (blue) glass cleaner

  • Mr. Clean with febreze freshness antibacterial spray

  • Windex natures source glass cleaner     

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