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Semi-Frameless Shower Doors

The Highest Quality Shower Enclosures! The Lowest Discount Prices! ​

Semi-Frameless (min/max) Door and/or Door and Panel(s)

1/4" glass thickness on the door, any panels are usually 3/16" glass thickness.

$$ Discounted greater than 35%, ...Normal Clear
Most textured glass and some metal colors are available.

We use only the highest grade of Semi-Frameless enclosures made by Cardinal Showers out of Louisville, Ky.

American Made Strong.

All Swing Door enclosures use "continuous hinges".

Quiet and sturdy. No builder grade "pivot" swing doors are used.

Semi-Frameless enclosures are very similar to Framed enclosures.

They usually have the same footer, header and side jams, but some of the frame parts can be eliminated.

In a Semi-frameless door the top and strike side (handle) of the door has had the metal removed and we use 1/4" glass as opposed to 3/16" glass in a framed door.

In a Door and inline Panel only 2 sides of the door metal are deleted.  

In a Door and return Panel only 2 sides of the door metal, and, sometimes (RARE), the vertical corner metal is eliminated.

In a Bypass (slider) door only the metal on the sides of the sliding glass panels are eliminated. All still have a header, footer and two wall jams (left and right)  Glass is 3/16", 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" thickness.

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