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Heights and Widths

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The total Height of an enclosure is determined from off the top of the "curb", threshold or step-over where the door will be located, going up.

We can make your Shower Enclosure to any Height and/or fraction of an inch you can imagine.

However, there are Standard Heights that can save you significant money if they work for your project. (see below)

The most important benchmark for shower enclosure height is how it looks to you, the customer. If you are deciding between two Standard heights, always lean toward the taller, you'll be happier in the end.

We can provide you with the price differences between the Standard heights and additionally Non-Standard heights. Relatively, the price difference between Standard heights is much less, and the price differences between Standard and Non-Standard can be much greater.

Standard is recognized as a "Glass Stock" issue.
If the Door glass is " in stock", or carried "in stock" (sized, polished, holes, tempered) then there was a significant cost reduction to "make up" several at a time. This additional cost reduction is passed along to you, the customer.

Splash Shields and Panels are never "in stock", they are always custom sized.
What determines the Standard or "in stock" is always the Door itself. (W" & H")

The next benchmark for shower enclosure height is the glass height in relationship to the shower head. An accepted minimum is the Glass Height being at or above the bottom of the shower head.

There are correlations between widths and heights and glass type, sometimes because of weight and sometimes because of what is most common or most generally acceptable by builders and pan, tub, shower manufacturers.

*we can custom make you any size door or enclosure

Below are the most current Standard Heights (widths/glass) as they apply to types of Doors and Shower Enclosures.

Again, these are the sizes that can save you more money.

  • Framed Door: Any width (in 1" increments: 22"-36") - Heights: 65", 69"
  • Framed Door and Panel(s): Any widths (see above) - Heights: 67", 71", 76", 80"
  • Framed Bypass Doors: Any widths (in 2" increments 40"-64") - Heights: 58", 66", 70"

  • Semi-Frameless Door: widths 24, 30" (clear glass) - Heights: 69", 74" 
  • Semi-Frameless Door and Panel(s): any widths (see above) - Heights: 71", 76"
  • Semi-Frameless Bypass Doors: widths 48", 54", 60" (1/4" thick clear glass) - Heights: 58", 71" 
  • Semi-Frameless Bypass Doors: widths 48", 60" (3/8" thick clear glass) - Heights: 58", 66", 71", 76"

  • Frameless Door: widths 28" (clear glass) - Heights: 72", 76", 80" 
  • Frameless Door & Panel(s): any widths (see above) - Heights: 72", 76", 80" 

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